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Onesie Day – Friday, 1 October

Tue Sep 28 05:28pm

Hello Families,

Our Student Council has organized Onesie Day for St. John Free Ambulance Service this Friday, 1 October to make up for the Onesie Day that fell during Lockdown.

On Friday, we are encouraging our students to wear onesies or PJs to school and bring a gold coin donation that will go towards support St. John Free Ambulance Service.

Hope to see everyone dressed up on Friday.

Kind regards,
Berhampore School Student Council

Here’s the latest edition of the Kōrero (24 September 2021)

Fri Sep 24 04:38pm


Enjoy the Kōrero!

Zone Notice

Thu Sep 16 07:55pm

Each year the Board of Trustees of a school with enrolment scheme must determine the number of places available in the following year for the enrolment of students who live outside the school’s zone. You can find a copy of our enrolment scheme here: Berhampore School: Profile and Contact Details | Education Counts.  

For the 2022 School Year, the school has analyzed known and anticipated enrolments of children who are entitled to enroll because they live within the school’s zone. We have also determined the number of places available for any unforeseen enrolment of in-zone students. This process allows us to plan for next year based on our predicted roll.  

For 2022, the board of trustees decided that it will offer 8 places to out of zone children in our Montessori unit (a special programme under our enrolment scheme) and 3 places to out of zone children in year 1. The Ministry’s predicted roll for the school for 2022 is 295, while our analysis indicated that the school will have around 320 students by the end of 2022. This number of students is ideal for the school to manage, operate and teach students.   

Applications for enrolment must be made by email to  no later than Friday 22 October 2021 and must contain information about whether the applicant has any family members who are current or former members of the school.

COVID Panui – Welcome Back to School

Wed Sep 08 09:25pm

Kia ora Whanau,

Thursday is the first day back at school for the children at Level 2. The guidelines from the Ministry of Health remain the same as the last time with greater emphasis on physical distancing because of the nature of the Delta variant. Here are a few of the things you will need to know.

Entry to School
We ask parents to:
*Limit entering the school only to essential purposes during Level 2.
*Please note that staff at the gates will be restricting entrance.
*Have one designated person to pick-up and drop-off.
*Drop your child at the school gates.
*We expect parents of children with disabilities may need to accompany them to the class and pick up from the class.
*Piwakawaka children must be dropped at the Britomart Street gate where they will be met by Moira or senior buddies.
*Only use the vehicle drop off zone for no stopping drop off and pick up, absolutely no parking.

Exit at the End of the Day
We will have a staggered system for pickups that will assist with physical distancing.
*All Pohutukawa children will be picked up from the court on Britomart Street.

Piwakawaka, Room 8, Room 4 and Room 5 @ 2:45 pm
Rooms 6, 7 and 9 @ 2:55 pm
Kahikatea (Rooms 10, 11, 12 and Korora) @ 3:00pm
Kowhai children @ 3:15 pm

Korora will be released from the Stanley Street entrance, Room 10, 11 and 12 from the Forest gate. Senior Children that need to exit through the other gate are free to do so once released.

If your child has a younger sibling, they will be dismissed at the same time as their younger sibling. They will all go to the Big Court (on Britomart Street) where the family can pick them up or they will walk home from there (if they walk home on their own).

Kowhai children will exit through the Stanley Street gate.

Physical Distancing
To create safe physical distancing at level 2:
*The staff will not be using the carpark at Level 2 to assist with creating space for waiting parents.
*While waiting, keep a physical distance of 2 metres from people who are not part of your family bubble, staff and children.
*Use the spray-painted spots and the car park lines as indications for spacing between you and others.
*Parents of some disabled children and a taxi will be allowed to access the carpark to enable safe pickup.

Contact Tracing
Report to the office if you have to enter the grounds during the school day.
At all the gates and the office foyer, you will see posters with QR codes on them.
If you do not have access to a device capable of using the Tracer App we will have a good old paper sign in where we will write down your details.

Drink Bottles
We have turned off all drinking fountains at Level 2. Ensure that your child has a named water bottle.

Unwell children
It is essential that you keep your child at home if they are unwell and notify the office. Contact the Health Line for information if you are considering getting a Covid-19 test.

Masks are not required in schools at Alert Level 2 however any child or adult that wishes to wear one will be supported with this decision.

Ngā mihi

COVID Panui – Moving to Alert Level 2

Tue Sep 07 08:57pm

Kia ora Whānau,

You’ll be aware that all New Zealand (with the exception of Auckland) is moving to Alert Level 2 from midnight tonight. Our thoughts and positive wishes are with everyone in Tāmaki Makaurau | Auckland.

Extensive wastewater testing and the numbers of people getting tested across the country has given the Government confidence that it is safe to allow a shift down to Alert Level 2 across most of New Zealand.

I would like to thank the staff members who have worked onsite throughout Level 3. They have run two bubbles for children who have all been terrific and focused in their mahi at school. Here is a link to a story in Stuff that features our staff and children showing a day in school at level 3.

We are really looking forward to welcoming everyone back onsite on Thursday morning. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will be continuing to support the children who have been attending in level 3 bubbles. All our staff will be onsite while we prepare for re-opening to all on Thursday.

At Alert Level 2 there is low risk of community transmission, and it provides us with a lot more opportunities to engage and connect with others. However, there are still several public health requirements we all need to follow. Please do continue to monitor your health and do not send your children to school if they are not well (and please seek advice about getting a COVID test).

For us, all the required safety precautions for Alert Level 2 will be in place which include following all the recommendations from the public health experts. This means the school has had an extensive clean by our cleaners and we will regularly clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces. We encourage everyone to frequently wash their hands and cough and sneeze into their elbow.

While physical distancing is not a requirement in schools, we will be doing our best to keep students from congregating in very large numbers and keeping learning spaces well-ventilated.

Face coverings are not required to be worn in school. The Director General of Health has recommended that children 12 years+ wear a face covering at school – just as older children are required to wear face coverings in some other places. The decision to wear a face covering is up to you and your whānau, whatever your decision it will be respected.

If you are not sure what all the rules are for alert level 2 when you are out and about, then the following information may be useful to you:

COVID-19 Alert Levels summary table:

COVID-19 Alert Levels detailed table:

We will distribute information tomorrow about dropping off and picking up your tamariki at school. At level 2 we are required to minimise the number of adults entering the site. We will have systems in place to assist with keeping this as smooth as possible.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s kaiako or me if there is something you need assistance with. See you Thursday!

Ngā mihi

COVID Panui – 7 September 2021

Tue Sep 07 10:00am

Kia ora Whānau

What terrific news we got today from the Prime Minister Jacinda Adern. We’re going back to Level 2!

The government has given schools 48 hours to prepare for the return of all children on Thursday. In this time the school will get a thorough clean and the teachers will be preparing their classrooms and programmes. This means that on Wednesday there will be no online learning activities with teachers. They will be busy in the school.

The Bubbles will continue to operate for the children who have been attending at Level 3.

The Ministry of Education is working with Health to determine what changes to Level 2 will be required in schools to address the Delta strain. These will be shared with the school tomorrow.

You will receive an email on Tuesday to tell you what to expect when we reopen at Level 2.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday.

Ngā mihi

COVID Panui 31 August

Tue Aug 31 08:52pm

Kia ora Whānau

The staff have put a lot of thought into preparing for our transition from Level 4 to Level 3. 

For many the change in level won’t make any difference as most staff and children will carry on with learning from home.  For a few that are returning to work and cannot find alternative care arrangements for their children we are opening two bubbles at school.

We have a great team of teachers and assistants who have volunteered to be in our onsite bubbles. They are:

Bubble One, Room 1

Jill Young and Dimtra Pantazis (Teachers)
Bubble 2, Room 4

Amelia Ward and Courtney Miles (Teachers)
Tara Carmichael, Sophia Kennedy and Belinda Ford (Teaching Assistants)

At level 3 the onsite teachers will not be able to maintain all the Learning from Home commitments that they have had with their classes but will be maintaining the learning connection.

The only reason the school is open at Level 3 is for the provision of learning for children in bubbles.  As soon as the spaces have been reset each day the teachers will leave the site.

The playground, its structures and the basketball court remain off limits at Level 3.

We will continue to support all children who remain learning from home, through our distance learning programme.

Thank you to the parents who arranged for their child to attend school at Level 3.  If your circumstances change and you need to arrange for your child to be added to the bubbles, please email me at  

Ngā mihi


COVID Panui 29 August

Sun Aug 29 09:42pm

Kia ora Whānau,

The quick move to Level 4, record volumes of testing for COVID in the community, extensive wastewater testing, huge numbers of New Zealanders being vaccinated (more than 2 million people have now received their first dose), and a very wide net being cast around confirmed cases, has given Government confidence that we are safe to move to Alert Level 3 on Wednesday.

At Alert Level 3, you legally must stay within your household bubble unless for essential personal movement including going to work and going to school. As the Prime Minister noted on Friday, schools are essentially closed at Alert Level 3 except for those few children whose parents and carers must go to work at Alert Level 3, and there is no appropriate caregiver at home.

So, we will be open on Wednesday, for a small number of children who need to attend. As you imagine it will not be school as we know it under Alert Level 2 or 1. All our usual safety precautions for Alert Level 3 will be in place which include following all the recommendations from the public health experts. We will also keep school bubbles to no more than 10 students. We will be limiting staff onsite with most of our team working from home.

You can also assist everyone’s safety by keeping your child at home if they are feeling unwell and please do contact your GP or Healthline, to seek advice about getting tested.
We will continue to support all children who remain learning from home, through our distance learning programme.
While we know how difficult it is trying to work from home as well as support your child’s learning, please keep your child at home if there is an appropriate carer available. For those of you with no other option, we will look forward to seeing your child at school from Wednesday morning.

Thank you to the parents who have already used the survey link to notify us of their need to bring their child to school at Level 3. It takes a lot of preparation to support the children in a bubble at school. It is essential that we know if you’re child needs to attend.

Here is the link for the survey:

Please email me at if you had any difficulty with the survey.

There are a series of meetings with staff groups on Monday to finalise Level 3 arrangements. They will be finalising:
1. Onsite learning spaces.
2. Bubble teams
3. How staff at home will be supporting the teachers and teacher assistants who will be onsite.

Ngā mihi

This message was shared by a board member. Anyone still waiting for a Vaccination or wanting to be vaccinated as a whanau with over 12s in time for school to go back. Bookings are available at Wellington’s first drive-thru vaccination centre at Sky Stadium is open for bookings from Saturday 28th until Tuesday 31st, 9am – 5pm each day.
Online: (enter Pipitea in the location box and select ‘Sky Stadium Drive-Thru’). Phone: 0800 28 29 26 Booked appointments only – maximum four people per vehicle, no bikes, motorcycles or trucks. Capital & Coast District Health Board (CCDHB)

COVID Panui 22 August

Sun Aug 22 06:44pm

Kia ora Whānau 

Whānau that have put in requests for packs of materials or technology loans to support learning from home will be contacted for delivery tomorrow.  A big thank you to the teachers who will be going onsite to make this happen! 

A big thank you too for taking the lockdown seriously and doing what we have been asked – we have seen before that staying at home will break the chain of transmission and save lives. It is even more important that we all follow the health advice because the Delta variant is very contagious. 
Breaking the rules risks the health of those close to you, the wider community and could result in the lock down period being extended. 
Please remember that the school, playground, and school grounds remain closed at Alert Level 4. 
As always, please let us know if there is anything you need to support you and your tamariki during this time.  Stay safe! 
Ngā mihi 

Panui 20 August

Fri Aug 20 09:50pm

Kia ora Whānau


I do hope everyone is doing well in their bubbles and managing to balance our new normal.  Many of you will be juggling family as well as work commitments.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement today The Prime Minister announced today that the country will remain in Level 4 until Tuesday next week.  This confirms that we will be moving into learning from home.  We imagine that we will be doing this for at least 10 days.

Berhampore School Learning Page

Today, teachers finalised their plans for learning next week and staying in touch with your child. Please visit the Berhampore School Learning Page to see what each team will be doing.

A small team of teachers will be onsite next Monday morning to prepare support packs or technology loans for those that have requests through the survey.  The team will use contactless delivery methods to bring the packs to whānau.  If you have not done so already and do not have access to online learning please use the link.  So far 92 families have completed the survey.

Internet and Digital Capabilities Survey

Mental Health and Wellbeing

As the Mental Health Foundation of NZ says, “it’s all right to feel a range of emotions right now. Going into a Level 4 lockdown is a big deal and it brings all sorts of different feelings to the surface, including frustration, worry and even gratitude. However you are feeling, know that you’re not alone – we’re all going through this together.”

If you need to talk, check in with a friend or whānau member, or free call/text 1737 to chat with a trained counsellor. It’s free and confidential. There are also a lot of other supports available to you, your whānau and your community if needed.

You will also understand the importance of routine for your family. If your routine has been shaken up, it’s good to structure your time. Routines are reassuring and promote health and physical wellbeing.

For our Pacific families, if you are not aware the Ministry for Pacific Peoples’ has been working to ensure useful information is available to Pacific peoples in nine different languages.
Our part in the Team of 5 Million

A big thank you to all of you for taking the lockdown so seriously – we’ve seen before that staying at home will break the chain of transmission and save lives. Breaking the rules could risk someone close to you and if the rules are not complied with, this could risk the lock down period being extended or could risk the virus being spread to thousands.

Please keep checking the locations of interest and get tested if you were at that location at the specified time, or if you have symptoms which could be COVID-19.

And just a quick point – please don’t use our playground during lockdown.  Playgrounds cannot be used at Alert Level 4.

As always, please let us know if there is anything you need to support you and your tamariki during this time.

Ngā mihi nui


19 August COVID Panui

Thu Aug 19 05:15pm

Kia ora Whānau

It is good news that Health have identified the border connection for the Delta outbreak.  It is also promising that so far cases have only been found in Auckland. We believe it is likely that next week will either be an extension of Level 4 or a step down to Level 3.  This will mean either all or most children will be learning at home next week.  The best-case scenario would be rapid step down to Level 2.

The staff are preparing different plans for next week’s alert level announcement.  

Today we were informed by the Ministry of Education of new guidelines that will enable us to access the school for a restricted number of staff. We will also be able to deliver packs to whānau by contactless means. This will enable us to prepare hardpacks of learning materials for whānau that may have limited or no capacity for learning from home.

Access to digital devices and internet connections is something we may be able to help with.  There have been many families joining the school since the last Level 4 alert, and some may have had changed circumstances.  We need to know the following questions from you:

1.       Do you have a suitable device in your home that your child may have access to for some parts of the day? A suitable device would be a Chromebook, iPad, laptop, or tablet.  A cellphone is not right for this purpose.

2.       Do you have reliable wifi access for multiple users in your home?

If you have answered no to either of these questions, you could request:

1.       a hardpack of learning activities, or

2.       A loan device from the school.

We also need to know if you are an essential worker based on the government’s criteria and will need your child to attend school at Level 3.  The children will be placed in work bubbles with a teacher (not necessarily their usual teacher).

Please click on these links to answer these questions for us.

Internet and Digital Capabilities Survey

Attending School at Alert Level 3

Level 4 Wednesday Panui

Wed Aug 18 02:14pm

Kia ora koutou ki ngā whānau  o Berhampore School,

We are now all in Alert Level 4 which means that our school will not be open onsite, at least from Wednesday to Friday, for any students. This follows community cases identified with COVID-19 in Auckland.  There is a risk there may be others arising from Coromandel communities who could be infectious.  

It is important we do everything we can to keep our community safe. Alert Level 4 means we need to stay home in our bubbles and avoid any travelling as much as possible.  Supermarkets, pharmacies, foodbanks, and other essential services will be open – but remember to wear a face covering if you are out (even a scarf wrapped around your mouth and nose will help). Check in using the NZ COVID Tracer App wherever you go and please also keep at least 2m distance from people you do not know and wash your hands well and often, especially before and after using any public facilities.  

Remember the first thing you do as parents is reassure your children that they are OK and focus on wellbeing.  Your relationship is the most important thing to nurture during these days of lockdown.  We are hoping that Level 4 for Wellington is only 3 days.

Many of you, like the teachers, will be adjusting to your own work and family commitments under lockdown.  In these next three days we are allowing time to acclimatize t o the new situation.  Each home will be different.  To support this, we will be reopening our online learning options for you if you need this week. Here is the link for our website: berhampore-school-learning/ home  

With such short notice we were not able to hand out devices or hard packs to students to support distance learning. While teachers will not be teaching formal lessons online for these three days, they will make contact via the normal channels. 

This week the teachers will be planning for the different scenarios that may arise from whatever decisions the government will have to make. This will range from an extension of Level 4 to a stepping down of alert levels or a rapid return to level 2.  You will hear from us after the announcement how we will proceed. We will contact families via email as well as posting to our Facebook page and sending an alert through SchoolApps. 

Our focus as always will be to support the learning, safety, and wellbeing of our tamariki and we continue to be here to support you as well. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s kaiako or me, if there is something you need assistance with. 
Ngā mihi 


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