Our School

Berhampore School is a decile 7 U4 contributing state primary school with a current roll of 310 pupils.

We offer Montessori education, an intensive special needs programme that includes programmes in reading recovery, literacy recovery, ESOL and learning disabilities.

Our Vision

Berhampore School in Wellington, New Zealand on Tuesday, 7 September 2016. Photo: Dave Lintott / lintottphoto.co.nz

Berhampore School is Everyone’s School!

Every child has a right to be healthy and happy and learning.

Our charter says:

Our children, families, staff and wider community are proud of our school when:

The school is an effective and inclusive learning community that:

  1.  Helps people no matter what.
  2. Fosters citizenship through learning.

We provide a fun, welcoming, happy and stable environment.

But our kids say it best…

“Our school helps everyone!” (Joseph age 9)

“What do you call the friendship between a kid and their teacher?  I call it, teacher-ship!” (Olivia age 8)

Our CommunityBerhampore School, 7 September 2016

Our children come from over 20 different ethnic and cultural groups.  The largest groups in the school are New Zealand European, Samoan, Māori and Indian. Approximately 60% of the roll is from non-English speaking backgrounds. Many children also hold refugee status. Berhampore is a mixture of high and low-income households with a high proportion of rental housing. There are many families on income support benefits. Many Berhampore residents are new to New Zealand. They are learning, in many situations, a completely new way of life and language.

The school is very proud of the successful integration of such a diverse community and views this diversity as a key asset to learning.

We are also proud of the strong family and community support for the school.


Berhampore School joins with other schools in the area for children’s sporting and cultural events and teacher or principal support. We liaise with early childhood education centres such as Berhampore Kindergarten, the Cook Island Punanga, and four Montessori pre-schools. We also work together with South Wellington Intermediate School.

Berhampore School, 7 September 2016

Berhampore School is a member of an innovative group of schools called SWELL. Berhampore School will participate in developing a community of schools that combine to improve and refine the learning of children in all the South Wellington schools. As part of SWELL, Berhampore School cooperates with South Wellington Intermediate to provide consistent Montessori education through to the end of year 8 for those parents who wish to choose this method for their children.

Berhampore School encourages and supports partnerships with the community to provide opportunities for the children, their families and wider community. Partnerships include:

  • Pacific Primary Montessori Education Trust (PPMET) for supporting and promoting Montessori education
  • Enjoy for before and after-school care
  • Little Makos Swim School for pool management and school lessons
  • Berhampore School Playgroup with Newtown Union Health (NUH) for 0–3 year olds
  • Cooperative of adult literacy tutors from the community
  • Community groups using the school’s facilities include:
    • Swahday Indian Community
    • Guyatri Indian Community
    • South Wellington Tae Kwon Doe
    • Brownies
    • Fitness groups

School information


Children’s Safety

Whanau may use the Britomart Street crossing when coming to or leaving school. This crossing is manned by a school road patrol .30–8.55 a.m. and 2.55–3.15 p.m.

There is also a drop off zone operating on Stanley Street  8.30–9.00 am where whānau can drop off at the curbside without having to stop and park. Children are greeted by DOZers (drop off zone patrollers) who assist the child from the car and through the gate if they are very young.

Please assist with the learning of road safety by encouraging the whānau to cross roads where wardens or patrols can assist crossing is safety.

Neighbours and pedestrians would also appreciate driveways and footpaths not being used for turning and parking.

Civil Emergency Organisation

This school has planned procedures to be put into action in case of a civil emergency, such as a serious earthquake. Since you as parents have a part in this it is necessary for you to know what we are going to do and how you can help us.

We will keep all children at school under supervision until they are collected by parents or another adult specifically nominated in writing by you. You can nominate that person in advance and it will be recorded. When children are released it must be entered on a special register so that if any later inquiry is made we know where the children went.

We suggest that you discuss this in your family and have a plan in case you are separated for a long while. The staff will be co-operating with the Civil Defence Organisation who may use the school as a base in a civil emergency.

Before School & After School Care

Enjoy is our amazing service provider.
Our before school care service operates between the hours of 7:00 -9:00 am.
Our after school care service operates between the hours of 3.00–6:00 pm.Children can be booked in by visiting the Enjoy Website; enjoychildcare.co.nz 

New Entrants

Children may be enrolled at 5 years of age in conventional classes and must be enrolled by age 6 years. Montessori classes accept enrolment from 6 years of age.

Enrolments can be made with the principal, office manager or assistant principal.

There is certain information required to enroll each child;:

  • birth certificate
  • child’s full name
  • parents’ initials, address, telephone number for home and place of work
  • alternative phone numbers for emergencies
  • medical information, inoculations, medications, allergies etc.
  • custody situations
  • permission to contact doctor if parents cannot readily be contacted.

Where possible, we like new entrants to have experienced a morning and afternoon visit prior to their starting full time. This has been found to be beneficial to both child and parents. Parents are welcome to stay for these sessions. Please click on the links below for more information.

Berhampore School New Entrant Booklet

Beginners Guide to Berhampore School


These are generally conducted on alternate (even) Fridays at 11.30 a.m.

Parents are welcome to attend these assemblies.

School Absences and Checking System

A master list of absentees is drawn up daily from telephoned notifications that children will be absent.

Class teachers notify the school office of non-attenders each day and these are checked against the master list. Where whānau have not notified the school we will endeavour to contact home to ensure the child is safe. The success of this system is reliant upon parents ringing in before 9.00a.m. each day. If the phone is unattended please leave a message on the answer phone.

Please notify the school…

  • If your child has a notifiable disease-infection.
  • If your child has to leave the school grounds for any reason.
  • If you change your telephone number or address.
  • If your child will be absent for the day or longer.
  • If your child will be late for school.

Lunch Times

All drinks etc. brought to the school should be in plastic containers. Yoghurt must come in a reliable container (we have problems with yoghurt spilling in school bags and rubbish bins). It is preferred that children do not leave the school grounds at lunch time. School lunches can be ordered online via www.wrapitup.co.nz.

Wrap it Up

Guide to using Wrap it Up at Berhampore School

Health and Hygiene

Staff are trained in first aid and we have good first aid facilities at school. If children are too ill for school we attempt to contact parents so the child may be collected and taken home. Every attempt will be made to contact parents in case of injury or sickness but it may be necessary for the child to be taken quickly to a doctor, thus it is important we have updated phone numbers and emergency number/contacts.

Children requiring medication such as asthma Inhalers or bee sting treatment can either leave this (named) in the medical room or keep it with them. A list of children with allergies is kept in the medical room – again keep us informed.

Children who are not well should be kept at home. Experience shows they often get distressed and require collecting from school. They also infect other students and staff with their illness!!

Particular care should be taken with pediculosis (headlice) and impetigo (school sores) and these should be treated accordingly and the school notified. Parents are also requested to inform the school if their child has contracted a communicable disease such as measles, mumps, chicken pox, rubella, whooping cough, hepatitis, tuberculosis, H.I.V. or Aids.

We are able to refer, with your approval, children to the public health nurse who would follow up any checks with you.

Vision and hearing checks are carried out regularly as part of a free service provided by the Health Department.

Dental Clinic

Our school has a mobile dentist visit and qualified school dental nurse to serve the immediate needs of local pupils and pre-schoolers. This is a free service.

Children can enrol from age 2 years by parents signing a consent form.

Children who have attended school elsewhere will be included on the clinic’s roll as a matter of course as the dental nurse updates her records from the school roll.

Library and Information Centre

All children spend one period of class time each week in the library with their class teacher. They are free to use the library during lunch time and for individual work.

The library is open to all parents who wish to borrow books to read to, or work with their children. We hope many will avail themselves of this opportunity to share the library with their children.

Book Clubs

Once or twice a term children, if they wish, are able to order reasonably priced books for their own book shelves through the Scholastic Book Club scheme. The school cannot accept responsibility for the titles offered.

Physical Education and Sport

Our policy in sport is to give the children the opportunity to learn many different skills leading to games suitable for their level of development.

We believe it is not always desirable for young children to play sports designed for adults. We use a variety of “Kiwisports”. “Kiwisports” simplify the rules, reduce the skills to a child’s level and give greater participation to a larger number of children. In all activities we encourage good sporting behaviour.

Our range of activities includes swimming, athletics, netball, basketball, fitness programmes, soccer, and miniball.

We welcome parent involvement in sport and if you are interested in helping us please contact the school office.

We also take part in sporting events with other schools in the area.

Swimming Instruction

Swimming is an important part of the physical education programme and all children are expected to participate. Excuse from these lessons should be by way of a note.


This is available to all interested pupils.

Soccer, rugby and hockey are all organised through local clubs who make initial contact with the school.

Netball, mini polo and touch football are organised through the school with parent and teacher coaching.


After a day at school, children need time to relax at home so homework will be kept to a minimum and at a year-6 level should not exceed 30 minutes, three times a week. It will always be based on work being done at school. It is our hope that children’s interest in the work done at school will carry over to the home and that many will study and discuss from their enthusiasm.

The school would like the children to revise their spelling and tables at home regularly, at least twice a week. Time spent on reading for recreation, for information in discussing local and world events, and in following their own interests is time well spent by children. Formally set homework assignments can never replace this kind of learning.

Pupils may return to play in the school grounds providing they have been home and gained Parent’s permission to do so. This is unsupervised play and is the responsibility of parents.

Trips and Visits

Berhampore Primary School policy encourages visits to a wide variety of interesting places. Parents are always advised by a note from the class teacher detailing cost and asking for permission. The cost of any visit is always carefully considered. Buses are usually used but if it is more convenient to travel by car, parents are asked to provide transport.

We will endeavour to create a secure and friendly atmosphere in a pleasant, welcoming environment so that all children in our care will have the opportunity to make maximum progress in all aspects of school life.

The staff will maintain high standards of professional conduct and we will do our best to keep the community informed of our plans and actions, whenever possible. We will involve the community in appropriate areas of the school. The learning process can best be achieved with complete understanding and co-operation between home and school.